Associate Artists

Vita Nova is keen to nuture our homegrown talent. We offer the opportuntity to those we work with who demonstrate talent, skill and ambition to become associate artists with Vita Nova. 

Associate artists work on a freelance basis through Vita Nova, mentoring them as arts professionals whilst developing business and organisation skills that will enable them to progress their ambitions for careers in the arts.

Current Associates

nigel for associate artistNigel Gould

My name is Nigel Patrick Gould and I make marks on paper. I have drawn, scribbled and doodled since I can remember.

I left home, at an early age, to persue what can be described as a 'nomadic' lifestyle. I travelled extensively throughout Britain and Europe.

I have drawn and painted all my life, working ad-hoc with musicians, bands and fellow artists on commisionned pieces.

Unfortunately my 'creative side' took a back seat for a number of years due to substance misuse.

I relocated to Bournemouth for treatment. During this time I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Vita Nova organisation. Through their creative writing course my artistic spark was re-ignited, and as a member of the theatre company, I've discovered a new passion for performance as well.

I join the associate artist programme with the aim of working up a new portfolio with a view to becoming a stand alone artist. 

Vita Nova's continuing support in offering me the space and guidence allows me the time explore and channel my talents. I am always finding new and different was to express myself through my art.


paulo thumnailPaulo Kosinski

Paulo is a Brazilian born who has been living in UK for nine years. He holds a degree in journalism (printed media) and has been working in the photography field for a long time (documentary, portraits, landscape).

Paulo has been working for Vita Nova for more than a year as a volunteer doing office work, school talks about drug and alcohol awareness in Dorset region.

At the same time working as a facilitator to the SLR Photograph Project, a partnership between Vita Nova and Untapped which support people overcoming addiction through photography.

Examples of Paulo's work can be found here:

jane performing thumbnailJane Cartwright

Jane is a poet, storyteller and spoken word performer now based in Bournemouth. She has been working with Vita Nova for over five years. Jane's life took many twists and turns and after 28 years of drug addiction and alcoholism arrived in a Rehab.

She is a mother, widow and a voracious lover. Jane is Dual Diagnosis and has been in and out of the Mental Health System most of her life. She is a survivor and writes hard-hitting, honest grit-lit for page and stage. Jane has had her work published in the Clean anthology and performed at Festivals, Charity Events a Psychiatrists Convention, the Royal Opera House and in her local manor.


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