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Verba Vitae is a broadsheet collection of short stories and poetry written by members of Vita Nova`s Creative Writing Group.

Traditionally the broadsheet was a means of issuing royal proclamations, speeches, ballads and political rhetoric and gradually evolved into the newspaper form we recognise today.

Verba Vitae - Words of Life - will is circulated free of charge to Bournemouth libraries, cafes, bookshops and arts venues and will aim to travel further afield as it grows.


Read Verba Vitae Issue 1 page 1 and page 2

Read Verba Vitae Issue 2 page 1 and page 2

Read Verba Vitae The Flash Fiction Issue 3 page 1 and page 2

Read Verba Vitae Issue 4


Read Verba Vitae Issue 5


Read Verba Vitae Issue 6


Simon Bull, chief executive officer of Vita Nova said "This is a great opportunity for members of the recovery community to have their writing exposed to a wider audience. I have been blown away by the quality of the pieces they have produced."

If you have an addiction problem, are sober and drug free and would like to write, come along to the Creative Writing Workshop which meets weekly at The Vita Nova Office, The Bourne Spring Centre, St Mary`s Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4QP.

Women Writers' are also invited to join our Women Writers' Group that meets fortnightly.


Download a copy of Verba Vitae Issue 1 here   (right click, save as...)

Download a copy of Verba Vitae Issue 2 here


Submissions are always welcome for Verba Vitae


For more details contact the Vita Nova office

tel: 01202 309999

email us here

Facebook: Vita Nova

Twitter: VitaNovaUK

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