Vita Nova is an arts organisation providing support for recovering alcoholics/addicts through the arts. Vita Nova provides preventative education in the wider community, we do this by supporting and training volunteers to work with us. The authentic and real voice of recovery gives Vita Nova its unique edge and provides a platform for its members to reach all sections of the community.

Volunteers have received wide and varied training through workshops including creative writing, performance skills, team building, drug awareness and more. There is a computer workstation for use for both Vita Nova work and for their own needs. Many people who have volunteered with Vita Nova have gone on into employment and education and have found the experiences with the group have complimented their journey into a drug free life.



Vita Nova offers the opportunity to:


Make new friends in recovery and in the community.

Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Give back to society.

Develop skills in performance, public speaking, practical and technical areas.

Put structure in your life.

Learn how to function and work effectively in a group.

Put your life experiences to a positive use.

Gain training.

And have FUN!

All we ask is for you to be in recovery from an addiction.

We would be pleased to talk with you to see how you can get involved.


You can contact us in these ways;

Call in to the office, phone: 01202 309999, email us: click here

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