About Vita Nova

Vita Nova is community theatre group for those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, established in 1999 at Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA). 

About Vita Nova

Vita Nova is part of the cultural landscape of Boscombe, Bournemouth. Through the arts, in particular theatre, Vita Nova contributes towards having a healthier, safer community. We are a registered charity providing a vital stepping-stone back into the community for those in recovery.  


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Who Benefits from Vita Nova?

Vita Nova works in a holistic way actively supporting members with their ongoing recovery programs and is tool that works against the ‘revolving door syndrome’ be it back to treatment centres, mental health institutions or prison. We offer meaningful engagement especially with our community theatre work where through the safety of a fiction our participants can tell and share their stories with the wider community.  what Vita Nova is to our participants!


Vita Nova is of great benefit to the local community by helping to prevent people from relapsing, post treatment. This means that people do not have to access mental health facilities, rehabilitation centres or prison.


Vita Nova helps counter crimeVita Nova is part of the holistic recovery scene within the area and is helping to create a healthy community in Boscombe. Not only does this contribute to the participants well- being it also prepares people for their next step in life. Prevention work by Vita Nova is vital.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Vita Nova provides effective and challenging drugs/alcohol awareness through      

  • Hard – hitting and relevant dramatic presentations followed by discussions / workshops  
  • Offering Forum Theatre workshops to explore in depth peer pressure.  
  • Discussions, talks and lectures on addiction and related issues  
  • Training workshops to explore addiction and other related issues in an accessible way  
  • Running peer-led education  


Vita Nova provides people recovering from drug/alcohol addiction a means of putting their life experience to use, benefiting society, whilst giving them structure, self-esteem and new skills. 


11 Roumelia Lane


Phone + 01202 309999
Email + info@vitanova.co.uk

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