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Our new subsidised programme uses the same methodology as the hugely successful Bournemouth Theatre in Education programme first launched in 1998 to support schools in implementing the drugs and alcohol awareness curriculum. A runaway success, it was seen by more than 60,000 young people throughout the south of England. Available to schools now, this programme features a powerful, short, one-act play “The Nest,” by highly acclaimed playwright and director Sharon Muiruri-Coyne, founder of Vita Nova, who led that TiE programme. Our actors are all in recovery. 


The play was inspired by the participants as they built on their recovery. It is a play that speaks to other people in recovery, their families and friends and the wider community. Sam the protagonist is sitting in his nest or is it his prison?

Programme consists of

  • Short play based on real-life experience of addiction (25 minutes) 
  • “My journey into addiction”—one person’s reality 
  • Opportunity for small group discussion
  • Questions and answers that begin a new, positive dialogue in school


Programmes can be

  • Delivered in one-hour or two-hour formats. Longer format allows time for Forum Theatre on commonly-experienced life situations and choices, and how to cope. 
  • Programmes can open the door to any support that may be needed, with a shared experience that can be referred back to in PSHE lessons for weeks and months to come.


We are flexible so we can tailor the session to meet your needs. The whole programme lasts between an hour and a half and two hours. The maximum per session is 50 students. This is because we want to give students a real opportunity to think and offer questions. We can therefore offer two to three programmes per day.

What Students said…

‘Useful to hear from people who have actually experienced addiction’

‘It was a very eye opening performance that illustrated the awful challenges of facing addiction’

‘Powerful and eye-opening’

‘It shocked me and made me think’ 

‘Be yourself, don’t do drugs just to fit in’

‘It moved me greatly and inspired me’

‘Made me realise that if we begin losing control of ourselves, anything can happen’ 

What Teachers said…

‘We felt very privileged to be so brave and courageous to share your stories. We know that your production has a much longer-term effect than me simply telling them’ – Staff member at Twynham School, Dorset

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