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Made possible through Arts Council England funding ‘heath’, our brand-new production will premier in Dorset this autumn with performances at Pavilion Dance SW, Lighthouse and Bridport Arts Centre.

Heath departs from Vita Nova’s usual educational theatre work in schools and treatment centres. It is an adult play for a smaller cast, yet still exploring issues around addiction. Taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s King Lear, and the notion of losing everything to discover the truth about yourself, ‘heath’ echoes the trauma induced via addiction and how for some, it is only when they reach their ‘rock bottom,’ and their lowest ebb, that they begin to see the insanity of drug and alcohol misuse.


November 8th, 14th and 27th 


November 8th, Pavilion Dance SW: Click HERE for tickets
November 14th, Lighthouse Poole: Click HERE for tickets
November 27th, Bridport Arts Centre: Tickets coming soon

For more information please get in touch

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