Repair, Re-wear, Re-purpose, Re-use

Repair, Re-wear, Re-purpose, Re-use

Many of the traditional ‘make do and mend’ skills have been lost as too many people have become too comfortable with their disposable lifestyle. It is our intention to redress this by sharing our combined knowledge and experience of over 50 years working in the community, often with excluded and isolated people.

 We provide the time, space, and know- how to help you repair, re-wear, re-purpose, recycle and re-use of a wide range of items. This promotes social engagement, fosters self-confidence, allows you to find creative ways of expression and learn skills that will help you in everyday life. 

Gain a sense of achievement through creating something to use, wear or give to a loved one.

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Libby Bellhouse & Pip Muddell

Every Wednesday 1-3PM

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