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Winter can be a challenging time – we might feel tired or even depressed by the long nights and often dark days.

But the natural world teaches us to rest, to nourish ourselves and to prepare for spring and the new cycle for the year ahead.

WINTERING will take you on a curious journey, from embracing the darkness to exploring the return of the lighter days and celebrating the Spring Equinox. We do this through nature-based practices, storytelling, creative writing, and poems. We will sit around the fire pit, drinking hot tea or chocolate and roasting something on/in the fire. Lighting in the Secret Garden makes it safe and if the weather is a bit miserable, the group can access shelter.

This project is supported through funding from SNG (formerly Sovereign Housing). 

Where: The Secret Garden, Boscombe
When: Thursday from 6-8pm
Dates: 25/01,  01/02, 08/02,  22/02, 29/02, 07/03,  14/03, 21/03

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