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Celeste is an integrated group made up of those in addiction recovery working alongside people with English as a second language, including refugees and asylum seekers, all of whom have overcome real challenges. The drama group grew out of Vita Nova working with  Claire Armstrong from Increase the Peace.  

Their first performance was Refugee Nativity in 2021 and due to its success, they performed it again in 2022 and 2023.

Since then they have added another play to their repertory Hopefool which has now been performed twice for Increase the Peace and made a short tour around rural Dorset.  

The project is a fantastic way of bringing different community members together irrespective of age or background. As a learning space for cast members where English is a second, third, or fourth language. Working with a script has proven to be of huge benefit to those studying English within the safe and welcoming space that is Vita Nova. 

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What the audience said…

‘Positive and thought-provoking. Wonderful how different we all are whilst being united with hope and love’…

‘As you watch the news, you could end up thinking we live in a world full of hate and disharmony. So it was lovely to be in a room full of love and unity’…